About Us

            Tornado House Film is a film production company dedicated to producing short art films for festival exhibition, shot on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui . Our film company is owned and directed by Josh Meredith. But who is Josh anyway?

Photo by Sean Fleck

Education & Training

            Josh has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Florida State University with a focus in Film Theory and Production, and a minor in studio art concentrating on drawing, painting, ceramics and black & white photography. During his study at Florida State , Josh worked on numerous short student films as a writer, producer, director, actor, cinematographer, and editor.


            Josh has experience working as a professional on location film sets and in a broadcast television studio producing live news.


            With a burning desire to entertain and enlighten audiences, Josh is always creatively active, piecing together the next art film production.


            Film as pure entertainment is not enough. Some element of social political conflict or subtext exists in all of our art films. By turning a mirror on society, film has a unique opportunity to show us aspects of life we might otherwise ignore.

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