The Benchmark

When is enough, enough?

What are the benchmarks of a successful short art film at festival exhibition?

For starters, check out these amazing short films:

An Andalusian Dog
La Jette
A Trip to the Moon
Meshes of the Afternoon
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
The Red Balloon
The Great Train Robbery
Kung Fury
Bottle Rocket

What are the guidelines or rules festivals have for short film submissions?

Guidelines to Cannes 2017
Call to Entry to Maui Film Festival 2017
Submitting to Sundance 2018


Without a budget up to a three year timeframe from concept to completion may be necessary. Projects ramp up in speed as budgets increase, in proportion to a bit of luck and the efficiency of production management. The fastest short film production THF has been involved in had a 72 hour concept to delivery requirement and was screened at UH Manoa on Oahu as part of a short film contest.

Measurable Factor

How many awards does a short film need to garner before it opens up bigger projects?

Whiplash and Bottle Rocket are examples of this from the list above, where the short film went to festival, won an award, and was then developed and released as a feature.

Standard of Measurement for Comparison

What examples of short films are there where the cost of the short film is eclipsed by the box office of the feature version?

Whiplash, released in 2014, grossed over $48 million world wide, and cost about $3.3 million to make according and the Box Office Mojo data sheet.