Documentary Video: Maui Sugar Cane Burning

This web page has information about the documentary video Maui Sugar Cane Burning.

A field of sugar cane burns near Kahului on Maui, HI 2012

The Maui Sugar Cane Burning short documentary video was made for UHMC and Jessica Cole and aired on local cable Channel 55 during the primary election coverage show.

This short documentary video explores the good and bad sides of the social economic and environmental aspects of the issue of sugar cane burning on the island of Maui Hawaii. Sugar cane is burned in the field as part of the harvesting process. Interviews with Maui residents, a water supply expert, a sugar cane expert, and an official statement are included.

Some of the statements of those interviewed are opinions, and should be distinguished from statements of fact. The statements made by persons interviewed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the people who produced this documentary video.

The issue of sugar cane burning is complex, this video is only an introduction to some of the different viewpoints, and cannot encompass every facet in ten minutes. This documentary video attempts to maintain a balanced approach to the subject.

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