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Documentary Video: Maui Mural Artist

This web page has information about the documentary video Maui Mural Artist.

Mural by Ruben Cantere located at Maui Gold and Pawn Lahaina Maui, HI 2012

Mural by Shira Walinsky located at The Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center Makawao Maui, HI 2012

Maui Mural Artist is a colorful documentary video that investigates some of the many beautiful and gigantic murals on the island of Maui Hawaii.  The artists who create these new murals discuss highlights of the history of mural art on Maui, the social impact of graffiti and tagging, and reveal intimate insight into their individual creative processes.

The art documented in the video Maui Mural Artist was created in collaboration with UHMC and the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center. This documentary video features interviews and the mural art of Shira Walinsky, Reuben Cantere, and Michael Takemoto. Supervising Producer Jessica Cole. Music produced by Scott Harding. Directed by Josh Meredith.

Some of the statements of those interviewed are opinions, and should be distinguished from statements of fact. The statements made by persons interviewed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the people who produced this documentary video.

The variety of murals while broad does not include every mural on Maui, in part because of how quickly they become destroyed or painted over. This video explores the questions what is good public art and how does society define the rules of the road for mural artists. This documentary movie was made entirely on Maui.

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