How it Works

A very simplified step by step breakdown of the short art film production process follows below. Each step listed here really comprises multiple smaller steps made by a variety of production people.

Step One: A screenplay is written.

Step Two: A play is selected from the various screenplays available for development. Budget and Production Schedules are outlined. Locations are found. Crew is gathered. Notices of auditions are posted.

Step Three: Cast auditions are held in an easy to find locale. Parts are cast.

Step Four: Locations are locked down. Equipment is collected and readied. Production Design readies the set, props, costumes, hair and makeup. Director meets with crew and actors together and individually to discuss details. Shot lists are ready.

Step Five: The first day of shooting arrives. Kinks are ironed out in team work flow. Wrap meeting preps the next day of shooting.

Step Six: As each day of shooting progresses, the project moves to finishing principle photography.

Step Seven: The last day of regular shooting wraps with a plan in place to record actor’s voices for the sound mix. Editing begins full swing.

Step Eight: Editing is completed, along with the audio mix and any music, titles, pick up shots, or special effects. The short art film is mastered at the highest possible quality level and, after a private premiere viewing for the cast and crew, the film is sent to the coolest film festivals.

While we do our best with very little to work with, it is still possible to “make it big” when a short art film gains enough popularity or notoriety in the festival circuit that bigger projects become possible. When this happens, when a production makes a lot more money than it cost to produce, we strive to be fair about how we cut the cake.  Actors and crew will have the opportunity to discuss the details of compensation with the producer in charge, and will have signed a written agreement with Tornado House Film prior to beginning to work.

Our Philosophy

We believe film can be more than just a blockbuster; film can lift the soul and enlighten the mind. While it is risky to make a short art film, we feel the potential benefits outweigh the risk. Besides making money, which is nice, working on a film production can also be spiritually rewarding when the movie is about something that touches your heart. Some productions just leave you drained and cynical. We strive to do productions that have soul.