Art Film & You

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

            You write a short screenplay. Almost everyone who reads it says they enjoyed the story, but you don’t have a camera or a budget to get your film made. You want to know how you can make your movie.

            You play music with friends and write music whenever you can. You have always been impressed with the great musical composers, including the great film music composers, and have considered writing music for a film or using a song you and your band created as part of a sound track for a movie, but you have never had the opportunity to work with a creative art film production company, to have a movie audience hear your music.

            You love to act on stage in front of an audience, now you would like to expand your horizons by working on a short film. You have read a lot of plays and you have an eye for well rounded, fun to play characters. You may or may not be in a union, and you would enjoy acting in a short movie with a good script.

            You have worked in technical theatre, film production, or television production as a crewperson and have an artistic flare. You get bored with shooting the same old shot the same old way, and feel a need for creative expression. You would like to gain more screen credit and experience, and work on something daring and unconventional, while still practical and producible.

            If so, then you are in the right place. Tornado House Film’s main focus is to produce a short art film for festival exhibition and to shoot that film on the tropical island of Maui . To achieve this goal will require the combined talents of many people with different creative skills. Have a short play you would like to produce on Maui ? Have music or want to write music for a short film? Want to act in a short film on Maui ? Or do you want to crew on a short Maui film? If so please sign up for our free newsletter to receive information about our next short art film production and how you can be involved.

            For more information about videography for weddings, music concerts, or theatrical plays please contact us for a custom estimate.