Music Video: "Stress on the Legs"

This web page has information about the Flashdrive Music Video.

Musicians Scott Harding & Cody Quintana of Flashdrive

It’s a music video production with Scott H. and Cody Q. of Flashdrive of their crunchy smooth, original song “Stress on the Legs”. A group of creative people with strengths in filmmaking, painting, saxophone, guitar, keyboard, fashion design, dance and theatre joined to develop a music video that incorporates these skills in a Maui setting to express a universal longing for resolution to the world’s environmental crisis and natural disasters in a style in homage to Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi novel The God’s Themselves, where phases of reality interact, and chase scenes in the Beatles’ black and white movie A Hard Day’s Night, contrasting urban technology with Maui's peerless ecological vistas.

From a crafting point of view, after development the music video project begins with preproduction, moves to production &, after editing, ends with a master 4 to 5 minute music video and 10 minute documentary about the production of the music video. In terms of story arch, the music video starts with the two states of reality day & night out of balance; the two heroes run, chased by dancers & robots until they return day & night to balance as the two realities merge into one.

This project is in DEVELOPMENT.

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