Music Video: " Family & Friends "

This web page has information about the Unsung Mighty Few Music Video.

This Hip-Hop music video production with Jahsun and Rah Sol of Unsung Mighty Few features their feel good, original song “Family & Friends”. The music is about appreciating those people who make life possible, people need love to survive, and this song is dedicated to showing the love and gratitude these two soulful Maui poets have for the blessed life their families live on this sacred isle. According to the philosophy of this video, the world is full of trouble, but with family and friends, we can shine and overcome.

This music video features the family and friends of Unsung Mighty Few and was shot over three sunny days in Kula. Everyone who helped contribute to this project made it better! A short documentary video about Unsung Mighty Few and the making of the music video is posted below.

Music and Poetry by Jahsun and Rah Sol of Unsung Mighty Few
Directed by Josh Meredith
Music Produced by Scott Harding

Production Crew:
Cody Quintana
Caitlin Duquette
Scott Harding

Interview by Guri Bigham
J. R. Mathson on bass guitar

Special thanks to all the family and friends who made this possible!

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