Music Video: " The Observer "

This web page has information about the Jahsun Stoltz Music Video The Observer.

The Observer Music Video stars hip-hop artist Jahsun rapping about reflection, observation, and generally being thoughtful about what is going on, as he goes through the day, from home to Paia and finally the Media Lab music studio "kicking rhymes...selling CDs out the backpack, yeah." This video was directed by Josh Meredith of Tornado House Film of Maui along with Music Producers/Film Crew Scott Harding, Cody Quintana, and Justin Favell. Also starring Alyssa Sved. Catering/food services by Jamie Tourin. Special thanks to J.R. Mathson and Andan Hittner. Video and music recorded on Maui, Hawaii. Check out the album by Jahsun Stoltz!

The music video above was shot on a Canon T3i over three days in the funky little beach town of Paia. Everyone who helped contribute to this project made it better.

A short documentary video about making the Observer is posted below. It features a behind the scenes look at the production and interviews with people who worked on the project.

Jahsun Stoltz
Alyssa Sved

Music and Poetry by Jahsun Stoltz
Video Directed by Josh Meredith
Music Produced by Inside Out Universe
DJ Crane

Maui Film Production Crew:
Cody Quintana
Justin Favell
Scott Harding

Special thanks to all the family and friends who made this possible!

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