General Announcements

December 2016

The director's cut of Bacon Flavored Girlfriend was privately viewed by cast and crew at Akaku-TV, to laughter and applause. "I think they got it," beamed director/writer Josh Meredith, during a question and answer session after the viewing. This version of the film, he explained, still requires some audio editing and will be shortened from the current 57 minute run time to about 9 to 15 minutes for the film festival release.

October 2016

Traveling to Orlando Florida from Maui , Josh took part in the annual Florida Writers Conference, where he had the unique opportunity to pitch the project he's worked on for the last year to literary agents, acquisition editors, and published writers. He took part in workshops relating to publishing, editing and working with agents. A literary agent, after hearing the 2 minute pitch in person, requested a partial manuscript for review, and expressed interest in Josh's next novel/teleplay project. While understanding nothing is certain in the world of book publishing, Josh hopes for the best.

August 2016

Over 140,000 words written, including a 60,000 word apendix and 80,000 word novel/teleplay. Mr. Buono is planning a trip to Aspen Colorado to record music for the project.

August 2015

Writing a novelization and teleplay as part of a project working with legendary jazz drummer Michael Buono, who has toured with such luminaries as Dolly Parton, John Denver and Quincy Jones.


Had the opportunity to work with Haleakala Waldorf School , recorded the student play 'Man of La Mancha' and the athletic annual Pentathlon event for students, parents and teachers.


Tsingy De Paia a film by Josh Meredith was shot at the beach by Paia Bay in 4 hours, at dawn with crew members Roxanne Darling, Lily Acain and Andy Vliet, and the video was edited by Josh in 10 days. This short surrealist film is a narrative about a guy who struggles to awaken himself.

July 2014

Relativity Education Maui Film Production Workshop inspired students of all ages and skill levels to learn and create short silent narrative films with instructors Jessica Cole and Harry Locke. Josh helped the class as a teaching assistant.


Flashdrive musicians Scott Harding and Cody Quintana, along with drummer Mike Amigo created a new music video directed by Pete Swanzy, cinematography by Reece Pottorff. 1st AD Josh helped shoot for 35 hours at 3 locations Upcountry Maui.


Maui Film Studios training exercise production Fifty directed by David Whitney, cinematography by Reece Pottorff, First Assistant Director Josh Meredith was an excellent learning experience for cast and crew working in a built set inside the MFS soundstage.

Thursday August 1, 2013

Four promotional videos have been produced for UHMC by Josh Meredith highlighting the excellent teachers, programs and campus. These short web videos feature interviews with a diverse group of students and faculty.

June 21, 2013

Art=Mixx Runway was a huge success, one of the best events on Maui. The fashion was world class that night on Maui at the MACC. The music was thrilling and the video art was out of this world. For those of you who missed it, check this video by Hi Focused Cinematography.

The control booth at the June 21, 2013 Art=Mixx Runway show at the MACC
Photo by J. Anthony Martinez

Tueday June 18, 2013

All but two remaining scenes to photograph of the short film project. Post production has started and ADR for all actors has been recorded.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Filming in the Shaffer Gallery at the MACC was a lot of fun and the shots came out looking great. Thanks to Jordan, Justin, Jahsun, Kazai, and Suzee. Special thanks to F16 Productions, Hi Focused, Neida and everyone at the Shaffer for hard work and creativity.

Monday February 25, 2013

The art film is in production, two days of shooting finished and two more scheduled, other locations in progress.  Josh has stepped into the world of green screen.

Guri Bigham’s raw food book The Art of Raw Food has been a smash on Check it out to preorder. Josh was one of the people who helped with videography that Guri produced and edited to promote the project online.

Josh has worked as a 2nd videographer for HI Focused for two beautiful weddings on the west side.

The Inside Out Universe music studio is nearly completed. Located in the Haiku Cannery building, this facility provides top quality music production, ADR and Foley creation. Josh is collecting footage to create a documentary video.

Mike Amigo and company install drywall in the control room, Haiku 2013

A promotional video for UHMC is in production.

October 31, 2012

Josh has raised a budget to direct and produce a short avant-garde movie on Maui. An outline of the story has been developed, screenplay to follow. This movie will be in full HD.

A new promo video for Shea Derrick was shot at Casanova’s in Makawao by Josh and Guri B. a couple weeks ago. Now the Shea Derrick and Full Flavor video is ready to watch. This is the best cover band on Maui.

Mural by Ruben Cantere located at Maui Gold and Pawn Lahaina Maui, HI 2012

The video editing of the mural documentary has been completed by Josh. Now a very talented Maui based music composer is working on creating an original score. The mural movie is half an hour long and is in full HD, 1080p.

Sunday August 5, 2012

The CD release show at Casanovas started with an amazing accompaniment onstage of Justin Favell, Scott H. Cody Q. along with J.R. Mathson on bass and Michael and Jahsun of Unsung Mighty Few, who played an ear-normous set. Next rappers/comedians Foul Mouth Jerk and TOPR got the dance floor bumping. Between songs they got lots of laughs. The music video was screened and thrilled the audience, who clapped and called for more. Everyone had a wonderful night.

Thursday August 2, 2012

The “Observer” music video is complete. A final cut was screened for cast and crew at the Maui Media Lab in Paia. Jahsun S. will be having a CD Release party at Casanova’s in Makawao Friday August 3, and the video will be screened at the show. The video will also be available to watch on YouTube.

A video about the making of the “Observer” music video is in the works.

A rough draft of Josh’s new screenplay is almost ready.

THF has acquired the Adobe CS6 Production Premium including After Effects.

The ArtMixx at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center had an artistic black and white theme. A visual composition by Gabriel Mott Colors with music by Scott H. and Cody Q. of Flashdrive with moving crystals and projected images on angled surfaces topped the night, which had an enormous turnout. Look for more info about the ArtMixx on Facebook.

Scott H. and Josh screened a half hour long live concert video of the Flashdrive Longhi’s show.

Saturday July 21, 2012

The Murals of Maui documentary video project has followed Shira Walinsky during one of her classes at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center in Makawao, and was able to interview her next to her work now on display on the Hui grounds, near the Ceramics Studio. This project is being made for Instructor Jessica Cole at the University of Hawaii Maui Campus summer film production class, and will feature other mural artists on Maui.

Sunday June 24, 2012

The Flashdrive show at Longhi’s in Lahaina at the Neon Party was a smash and the house was packed. The performance was tight and people were really getting into this new music. Josh recorded video with four cameras. Go Get Em, DJ Illz and Kinky Politicians also rocked the night.

Wednesday May 16, 2012

The “Observer” music video is in production. Today we completed the third day of shooting and wrapped the Paia Streets location. Our four person crew is seriously kicking ass. Shots look great!

The new THF Rate Sheet is out and now includes photography services! THF has recently aquired a new Canon T3i Rebel EOS 600D.

Saturday March 31, 2012

Josh is working on a new screenplay.

Due to the tremendous response to “Family & Friends” another music video is in development. Thanks again to everyone for their support!

The five minute narrative movie “Fork in the Road” about Turtle the Raver was produced in less than three days for the first ever University of Hawaii Productions 72 Hour Film Contest with Guri B.  directing the camera and editing, and Allison K. as team leader.  Josh helped with the story, camera and helped edit. Everyone who worked on this gave it 110% to attempt speed film making while working from the rules and premise given to our team by the UH Productions organizers. The project was turned in on time at the Manoa Campus on Oahu where it was screened with 14 other team entries out of 34 teams who signed up for the event.

Saturday February 11, 2012

Josh is getting ready to begin working on a new artistic music video project.

The Unsung Mighty Few  “Family & Friends” music video is nearing completion. A short documentary about the music video will also be released very soon and will feature interviews with hip-hop poets Jahsun and Rahsol.

Josh has been helping Guri Bigham with her surf video project as an audio recording technician. Check out more of her videos on Guri’s Wordpress Page.

Friday December 30, 2011

Josh is finishing projects that are as yet incomplete to clear the way for new projects in 2012. On the horizon are a couple of artistic music videos and either an entire half hour comedic movie or maybe just a scene or two.

A Tornado House Film Rate Sheet is now available. Prices are flexible. Josh will opt to work on a volunteer basis for friends when a project is very strong. Contact directly for more information.

Tuesday November 15, 2011

A rough cut of the "Family & Friends" music video is finished and the audio is being mixed and mastered by Scott H.

Sunday October 30, 2011

A project designed to record people’s reactions to breaking a social norm called Pineapple Baby Project was shot with three HD cameras in Paia on a sunny day. Sheila M. and Guri B. along with James and Scott H. helped record audio and video of Josh with a pineapple dressed up as a baby complete with diaper. Josh asked tourists in Paia if they would take a photo of him with his Pineapple Baby. This experimental video was a lot of fun and can be found on YouTube by searching for Pineapple Baby Project.

Unsung Mighty Few were recorded live at Casanova’s in Makawao performing as the opening act for the Grouch. Some new songs debuted on video had the house dancing.

Sunday October 2, 2011

Josh teamed up with Cody Q. to record audio and video of the Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real show live at Charley’s in Paia over the weekend. Friday opened with the metal band Olivia and Saturday featured hip hop funky band Free Radicals Project and a musical visit from the great Willie Nelson. Everyone who worked hard on this show was very professional and had a lot of fun! The music was out of this world.

Saturday September 3, 2011

Production of the music video "Family & Friends" continues in Kula with the poets of Unsung Mighty Few. Everyone who has helped with this production has made a valuable contribution to its success.

Post production of "Family & Friends" has begun.

Friday August 26, 2011

During last friday in Paia Josh shot a video at the Maui Media Lab of the talented singer/songwriters Sabrina B. and Mekila W. with the help of Cody Q. Kaitlin D. and others. The goal is to have this show edited in time for the next show at the Lab in September.

Thursday July 21, 2011

Documentary footage is being collected of the band forming around poets Rah Sol and Jahsun of Unsung Mighty Few. The DVD of Jahsun's show is finished, thanks to the sweet audio mix by Scott H.

Saturday July 1, 2011

Maui poet Jahsun performed his original hip-hop at the Maui Media Lab and did new material that got the audience bumping. The production crew came together as a team to make this a great video. Josh now has three video cameras after acquiring two new identical high definition JVC cameras.

A trailer for the music video “Stress on the Legs” is being crafted. Josh is painting backgrounds in watercolor.

Wednesday June 8, 2011

The music video project with Scott H. and Cody Q. of Flashdrive has an A/V script, shooting schedule, and budget options. One of the options Josh has is to work with to raise funds to produce the music video. Production will take place over six days, with five days of outdoor filming and one day of indoor blue-screen filming. Location scouting is ongoing. Some key positions have yet to be filled.

Development of Gone Vagabond continues.

Saturday March 26, 2011

Josh is halfway finished with the schedule breakdown sheets for Gone Vagabond, and will continue with scheduling and budgeting for the next few months.

Musicians Scott Harding and Cody Q have teamed up with Josh to work on a Maui music video project. Scott and Cody have produced a great piece of electronic/jazz and together have outlined the plan for a music video production.

The accomplished poets of Unsung Mighty Few and Josh have discussed producing a music video and may choose a track from their forthcoming CD. A track from Jahsun’s solo project may also be developed into a music video.

Using available resources and beautiful Maui locations, the plan calls for some interesting and exciting days of shooting that will be scheduled for the summer. More details will become available.

Saturday January 29, 2011

The guys of Unsung Mighty Few received a DVD of their New Year’s Eve show, and a CD of web clips.

Josh plans on enjoying a screening of Get a Job, a comedy movie made on Maui in 2010 at the Iao Theater in Wailuku, which used to show silent movies in the 1920s. Get a Job will have sound and color, and was made by considerable local talents.

Thursday January 6, 2011

Unsung Mighty Few had Charley’s in Paia grooving to their hip hop sounds on New Year’s Eve. Josh recorded a video of the show and plans to make a DVD for the band.

The Gone Vagabond schedule is in the works. A budget and schedule for Art for Steal has been completed.

Wednesday October 20, 2010

The U.S. Office of Copyright and the Writers Guild of America West have both been mailed a copy of Gone Vagabond. A polished second draft has now been completed. Development of one of the six stories in Gone Vagabond, most likely Art for Steal or Ecotherapy, will begin soon.

Josh has begun working on an eco-documentary video project for Melani Ellis, and had fun recording her introducing and discussing the many things going on in her organic garden. Other people are collaborating to make this project the best. Josh hopes his videography contribution helps the effort.

Wednesday September 17, 2010

Josh finished a DVD of the live video for PORTAL and delivered band copies to keyboardist Scott Harding and bassist J.R. Mathson. The band plans to post clips online.

The 216 page Gone Vagabond (Part 1, Part 2) play has reached a first draft stage. After a careful comb thru, corrections and notes have been made. A cleaned up draft will soon be ready to send to the Office of Copyright.

Saturday August 28, 2010

PORTAL opened for Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real at Charley’s in Paia. Josh recorded in a standing room only show. As a four piece PORTAL rocked the audience hard. Lukas and his band lifted the audience to new musical heights and kept the rhythm rocking.

Josh has written a 46 page frame for the six stories of Gone Vagabond.

Saturday July 17, 2010

Thanks to Photographer Sean Fleck for shooting Josh on Front Street in Lahaina on Maui's west side. Sean was a fun and creative professional to work with. Now this site has some cool photos. The photo below was taken under the banyan tree next to the Historic Lahaina Courthouse visible in the background on the right. Notice how the paths both lead to Josh and his camera. Somehow this shot reminds me of the silent Russian movie Man with a Movie Camera. Sean works for Easystream Networks.

Photo by Sean Fleck

Unsung Mighty Few recieved a CD of web video clips from their Casanova's show in Makawao. You can watch some of these clips on You Tube.

Tuesday June 15, 2010

Josh is working on another piece of play writing. The frame ties everything together, all the characters and plot lines. Examples of frame devices in cinema include the Loc-Nar from the movie Heavy Metal. The goal is to frame Gone Vagabond into Part One and Part Two, both about 95 minutes each.

A live concert DVD was delivered to the guys of Unsung Mighty Few.

The guys from PORTAL got a live concert DVD and had a good time watching it. They can use the DVD to get a look at their stage performance, post a video online, and book more gigs.

May 19, 2010

The play Gone Vagabond written by Josh Meredith of Maui Hawaii is now registered with the US Office of Copyright. Tornado House Film now has the option of selling the rights to the play or moving forward into development with all or part of Gone Vagabond. Playing the dark horse, Gone Vagabond does not currently have a strong star or director involved at this time, but it does have flexibility and character driven stories. Part of Gone Vagabond may be developed into a short art film shot on the island of Maui . There are several pieces to choose from.

Mad Parrot Pair has reached a polished draft at sixty two pages.

PORTAL’s DVD of the Casanova show is finished and ready to go. Plans are to meet with the band to watch and discuss what to do with the video.

May 9, 2010

PORTAL and Unsung were recorded with the XL1 live at Casanova in Makawao. Josh will be editing and burning a concert DVD of the show, which had good lighting and sound.

Friday April 23, 2010

“…still writing Mad Parrot Pair. Josh is working on the first draft and is on page 53. After finishing the second draft, the plan is to return to the four short plays and write the frame for Gone Vagabond. This process may take a few more months…”

“…to do more work for the rock band PORTAL. They plan to go to the West Coast to do some shows this summer. Josh has agreed to do another concert video, and may shoot the show at Casanova in Makawao next month…”

Saturday April 3, 2010

“…with the guy’s of PORTAL to watch the DVD of their show at Charley’s in Paia. Total run time was two hours and four minutes. The image was dark and had that night life look. The guys liked how the sound came out from the camera’s stereo microphone. Josh has agreed to record a video of another show for PORTAL…”

Tuesday March 30, 2010

“…the video onto a DVD for the band. Videographer Josh Meredith is in the process of editing the two hour show. Audio came out sounding good in 16 bit stereo. PORTAL has yet to watch the video…”

Saturday March 20, 2010

“…Josh from Tornado House Film recorded a video of the electric rock band PORTAL performing live at Charley’s in Paia. The weather was cool and the band was hot. A lot of buzz is circulating about when PORTAL will release a new album.  They sounded pretty tight on Saturday night on the stage at Charley’s, and even played a few new songs…”

Photo by Sean Fleck

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