Experimental Video: Pineapple Baby Project

This web page has information about the Pineapple Baby Project.

Josh with his Pineapple Baby on the street corner in Paia, HI

The Pineapple Baby Project resulted in response to a very creative class assignment about breaking a social norm and recording how various people have different reactions. The class is called Sociology thru Cinema taught by Ms. Perry at UHMC. Classmates Sheila, James, Guri B. and Josh teamed up with the help of Scott H. and wardrobe by Jahsun and Alyssa to record video and audio on the sidewalk in Paia and at Paia Bay beach. In orange, Josh asks tourists and passersby if they would take a photo of him with his pineapple baby, a Maui grown pineapple in baby clothes and a diaper. Several tourists agree to take a snapshot. At one point, a rouge agent nabs the camera and gets away!

In the end, the ocean and the pineapple baby are one. This project was done in good humor and the out of sync audio is intentional. The purpose of this video is to poke fun at the way people try to apply their normal social behavior to a ridiculous pineapple baby situation.

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