Experimental Video: Fork in the Road

This web page has information about the Fork in the Road video.

The Fork in the Road project was an entry into the first annual 72 Hour Film Contest put on by the University of Hawaii Productions at the Manoa campus on Oahu. The project was to make a movie in three days or less from a genre (romance) character name and description, a line of dialog and a prop, then submit to the UH Productions contest judges at the Manoa campus before the deadline. More info at UH Productions.

This film was made in 72 hours for the UH Manoa 72 Hour Film Challenge in March, 2012.

Our genre was romance, it had to include "Turtle the Raver" as a character, a fork and the line of dialogue: "I think I just died"...

Starring Allison Kennedy and Michael Donahue
Story by Allison Kennedy, Guri Bigham, Josh Meredith and Scott Harding
Cinematography by Guri Bigham and Josh Meredith
Original Music by Matt Brunn

Filmed on Maui, Hawaii

For more info about Guri Bigham's videos checkout Guri Monster Productions.

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